Security and control
A range of "à la carte" services involving security and document check.

Matching and document check, profiling

Systematic control of passports, visas, tickets, and other documents at check-in and boarding, scanning of travel documents thus serving as proof when it comes to contest any fines for denied passengers at final destination and/or in transit.

Pre-check-in in town
Implementation of measures linked to check-in including transportation of baggage to the airport by a secure vehicle and under surveillance (radioscopic imaging scan prior to placing in container).

Control of the entrance to the check-in sterile area, matching of passengers/travel documents, questioning on baggage security and passenger flow management.

Check-in zone
Control and surveillance of entrances/exits of the sterile area and management of flow to check-in counters.

Securing checked-in baggage
List of passenger references (transaction/ number/ destination), attachment of security labels ensuring that only the baggage of checked-in passengers is sent to the baggage sorting area.

Baggage sorting area
List of passenger references (transaction/ number/ destination), surveillance of the placing in containers and of the baggage sorting area.

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